A new opportunity for all stakeholders in the crypto ecosystem. The 1st community-centric blockchain incubator that empowers you to #beyourownVC.

  • Investors: Private (pre-seed) deals for Launchpool investor community, high risk - high reward. Be your own VC.
  • Advisors: Unique experience to join and co-build products with early-stage teams from Day 1.
  • Teams: Enjoy the journey from ideation/prototype to building your MVP (minimum viable product) and MVC (minimum viable community).
  • Dev Hubs & Universities: Join forces in bringing young talent to the most in-demand technology. Develop and nurture skills and collaboration, exposure to real world products.

Note from Labs Team

You can’t have technology without community backing it up. We understand this at Labs - a unique blockchain incubator where teams, advisors, tech talents, and our investor community come together in shaping projects of the future.

- Roxana Nasoi, Managing Director at Launchpool Labs

We are bringing the community a new opportunity to get involved in shaping the future. Whether you are an early Launchpool supporter, investor, experienced advisor or startup mentor, IT focused university, developer hub, builder in the crypto space, or simply a founder with an idea, there is a place for you at Launchpool Labs.

The Launchpool Labs Builders Program:

  • a) Labs Studio & Labs MVP (minimum viable product) and MVC (minimum viable community).
  • b) Labs Research (research and talent nurturing lab).

Team & Advisors

Roxana Nasoi

Laura Walsh

Richard Simpson

Nicholas Gregory

On Yavin

Melissa Sassi


Kripto Turkiye

Crypton Research




Sylant Investor


A new opportunity for Teams and Founders.

A step-by-step approach. Labs is guiding your journey from ideation/prototype to building your minimum viable product and minimum viable community.

  • A two-sided blockchain-backed intelligent NFT marketplace with a ‘NETFLIX-style’ recommend engine – indexing, scoring and ranking assets – connecting Collectors with Creators and vice versa.

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  • Bricktrade is a global marketplace that connects property developers to investors. The specialist Bricktrade team approves each deal and tokensies assets to create secure asset backed crypto investments. Making it easier to trade property investments whilst reducing the cost of investing.

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  • MegaFans is a play-to-earn multiplayer tournament platform that lets users play mobile games and compete with people around the world to earn prizes. Whether you are a novice player, developer or expert at both, MegaFans is about bringing out the gamer in you!

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  • Unicred is a multi-blockchain DeFi credit scoring protocol for better risk prediction, that enables unsecured DeFi lending. A state of the art credit scoring algorithm utilises all risk indicators available on the blockchain to issue a credit score that adapts as users interact with DeFi.

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  • NiftyFootball is an exciting football based NFT collectable game that allows players to buy pseudo-random packs of cards which they can collect, trade, and play with friends. Players are minted and assigned various traits that make up the DNA of that unique trading card.

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Brainstorm your ideas

What separates a good idea from a great one? Top-notch guidance may be the answer. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm your ideas and bring them to life in front of 35,000 investors, in our dedicated Labs community space.

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Build In Public

Building is more fun when you can share your progress with others. Receive instant feedback, support, and guidance from our Council (select, longtime community members that have been with us from Day Zero), advisors, builders, and the Labs community by sharing your journey in public.

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Join the Labs Xperience! Launchpool Labs is a chain-agnostic blockchain incubator initiative where projects can be built in public, while making use of legal, marketing, technical, and operational support, projects can develop their blockchain MVP and their minimum viable community.

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