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Property Investing, Reinvented. Changing the way bricks are traded.

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    Bricktrade is a global marketplace that connects property developers to investors. Bricktrade will harness an FCA crowdfunding licence to pool investors’ money into property developments. Ultimately these investments will be tokenized and tradeable as asset backed securities, making it easier to trade property investments whilst reducing the cost of investing. Bricktrade has lowered the barriers to entry for property investors - allowing users to invest with as little as £500, which can provide bank-beating returns of upto 10% per annum.

    Bricktrade’s deals are unique to Bricktrade and cannot be found elsewhere, therefore Bricktrade users can access exclusive deals in their local communities via the Bricktrade platform.

    The Bricktrade platform will be powered by the Bricktrade utility token $BRKT. This token will incentivise all participants on the platform; developers, investors, property management businesses, surveyors and contractors to work together towards the long term success of projects and the platform.

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